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2020 has been a crazy year.  We knew pandemics would be inevitable.  In a globally connected world the eventuality for a contagion to spread like wildfire was just a matter of time.

COVID-19 has affected us all.  We all know someone who has been directly impacted by COVID.  At the same time we see the sum of decades, and centuries of frustration and anger swelling up.  

COVID threw us for a loop too.  Our plans this year have been impacted, but we haven’t lost sight of our objective.

Throughout the years Foo Games has had one primary goal:  To enhance multiplayer game play.  For many people multiplayer games provide a basis for their social network and opportunities to meet new like minded people, and most importantly – to have fun and discover new aspects of the world not readily accessible.

Ingress has been one of those expansive games we’ve discovered.  Since we started playing in 2014 we’ve discovered a fantastic world of gamers from all walks of life.  The experiences we had in Ingress grounded our reserve and highlighted the need for information and communications technology to be enablers of person.  To enable people to come together to tackle modern day challenges.

But in 2020 – Calvin bounced his ball, and here we are with COVID.  COVID has shown structural cracks in our very foundations of society.  From supply chain management to the effects of massive unemployment, lack of basic health care and the slow trickle of collaborative science, COVID has affected the lives of millions upon millions around the world.

Here in British Columbia, Canada, we’re pretty lucky our Government took steps early on to “crush the curve”.  By reducing resource utilization within our hospital system and buying time to implement protocols to support a population with no immunity, the government has bought us time to help us when we do get infected.

Early on we hoped COVID would be a wake up call. We firmly believe that for a global economy to function well there must be local sustainability while taking on the best aspects of global trade.  There need to be streamlined processes to support global trade for entrepreneurs on the ground.  Support for entrepreneurs and cottage businesses that provide great value to their communities, but when hampered with the day-to-day maintaining house, home, education, and overall well being – the cracks in the system hamper progress.

We know we certainly can’t fix the problem – we’re a small team, and change in society takes generations (as we can see through policy shifts and changes in public perspective throughout the world) – but we do see this vision as being the future.

With that in mind, we are continuing our work – albeit slowly.  We’re looking for supporters, partners and ultimately funding to help us achieve our goals.  If you’re interested in hooking up with us – drop us a note through our contact form here:

From all of us at Foo Games.  Stay safe, and keep the good games rolling.

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