Shard Games

Avenir Shards are live (the Map) – a new global shard game in X-Fac mode! This is pretty cool, and reminds us of an old X-Fac shard game proposed by the Enlightened League of Operators back in 2016.

The game mode was pretty simple – agent controlled beacons for ornaments, RES and ENL. The idea was circulated between regional Resistance and Enlightened Communities – one such idea went something like this:

  • Select a play area and appropriate targets, ones that might see res action during the session. Use ENL/RES beacons to identify targets and beer beacons for shard spawn sites.   
  • Use Zello, Glympse and TG (or other chat utility) to track and communicate with agents on the ground. 
  • Light target beacons prior to shard spawn time.  At/before start time, move agents to target portal to collect keys. The need to collect lots of keys should be stressed (frakk if you have to).  Give keys to runners or bikers to get out to agents in the field.  
  • Appoint a “shard operator” to select where a shard jumps to if it is not linked to the target within the window.  The shard op will communicate to the team op where the current location of the shard is. Everyone must pay attention to communication her because the beacon will still be on the original site.  Spawn sites are pre-selected, but a designated agent on the ground will light them as they see fit (or as instructed by the “shard op”). The team operator(s) should not have prior knowledge of spawn sites (or targets).  Adjust the spawn sites and area as needed considering the number of agents.
  • Agents should be clearing a path from shard to target when they spawn.  
  • Consider having a “rogue” agent (might be the same one lighting targets and shards) make unexpected blocking links or flipping target portals.  This simulated unpredictability is important especially if res activity during the practice session is limited.
  • Depending on the number of agents, consider assigning agents to zones and expand the number of operators.  An operator would be in charge of each “zone,” with a sector op helping to give directions.

We think this would be a pretty nifty local play! Depending on agent numbers and mobility – zoning out a 2.5, 5, 10 or 15 KM radius could be a pretty interesting competitive event. We think we’ll add this to our wish list for IITC plugins 😉

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