Fun with Portals

Niantic’s “Ingress” augmented reality game is a classic spy vs spy, humans vs. aliens game of capture the flag. Territorial control to dominate portal ownership and mind control fields help balance the playing field by annoying your enemies and preventing other players from fielding under you.

Which side will you choose?

The Enlightened – defenders of the faith of Roland Jarvis and seek to leverage the power of Exotic Matter to progress mankind along its evolutionary path through art, music, science and education. The Enlightened believe they are the representatives of the Shapers.

The Resistance – also known as “HUMANS” in const PLAYER_TYPE speak – believe that Shapers seek to dominate human kind and seek to protect and study Exotic Matter so that humans might be free and able to evolve on their own. Naturally, the Resistance’s great great great grand-aliens are the N’zeer – whom we figure are just distant cousins from a time long ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

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Game master tools

NotADA – the community management platform for the Ingress Enlightened – primarily designed for use by the Enlightened, NotADA is designed to maximize team wide contribution and participation. We knew early on the key to domination was scale. By designing our system to help develop operator and field agent capabilities and experience, it would be possible to contribute to the global pool of the Enlightened to help suppress the Resistance.

GlaDOS – the Geographic layered access Distributed Operations System

A new paradigm in tactical field operations management and support.

GlaDOS – – the geographic layered access Distributed Operations System. Independent, networked and with new extensibility features – GlaDOS provides Ingress teams with self-autonomy and the capability to work with other trusted teams.

And unlike certain trustchain based systems deployed in Ingress, the GlaDOS trust chain isn’t compromised by a single set of admins or visible to the community at large. You play, your way.

Features supported by our Ingress System:

  • Recruitment, verification, referral and vouching
  • Inventory management and auditing for special away missions
  • Integration with common planning and communication tools
  • Custom operation achievements and statuses to make your team unique and highlight your teams capabilities.
  • DispatchI/O – our distributed Intel and Operations inter-networking protocol brings even more intelligence capabilities to promote team based intelligence and operations planning.

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