TL;DR version: type !help in ops8.

When I first started playing Ingress, one of the first things I noticed was we have a mixmash of tools for organizing, coordinating and general situational awareness in the Metro Vancouver Enlightened scene.  We use hangouts a lot, but not all Agents are in them, there are many Hangouts, and Hangouts doesn’t necessarily offer up some of the features other modern tactical systems do.  

I started sketching out and implementing a framework using old bits and pieces of code taken from past “volunteer oriented” projects.  There’s a lot to do.  Tonnes, really – but I’ve made some progress this past weekend and am pleased to report on it:

This past weekend I finally got off my scanner and have implemented NotAda.  NotAda lives in the Ops8 hangout, listening for commands and posting status updates.  It’s a small step towards some unified communications – I plan to extend this further through an Android (iPhone later) app and a web interface down the road.

Presently NotAda can:
 * Tell you what a farm status is, where it is, and what the weather at that place looks like.  For example, typing !bcit in the hangout will show farm status for BCIT.  !whereis SFU will show you where SFU is, and !wx MVGY will tell you the weather at the MVGY
 * Report status changes on farms when the farm sheet is updated
 * Search factoids of information to help Agents learn frequently sought out information by prefixing a query with a ?.  ie: ?helios
 * Present the next upcoming check-in times using !ci
 * Some amusement – !8ball, !date, and some hidden “features” 

Depending on feedback and outcomes I’ll be extending NotAda’s functionality and continuing to work on other aspects of the system.  I love hearing new ideas as well, and if you have any please do share them!

Thanks, and field you later!