“So who’s the cat running this joint anyway?”

This is a repost of something I shared in our local community yesterday.  It’s just one of those periodic reminders you have to put up now and then.  New agents are always joining, trying to figure it all out and inevitably the question pops up.  So if you’re new and not sure who’s in charge in your community, I’ll bet dollars to donuts it runs something like this.  If you don’t believe me, ask your mods.  They’re easy to spot what with the twitching and all.  😉
“So who’s the cat running this joint anyway?”

Well, in short, you are.  Oh and that cat over there in the corner checking the map, yeah, he’s in charge too.  Then there’s that one crazy cat you see near your work in the afternoons, tearing up the neighborhood, sometimes she’s in charge.  Same story with that cat up all night tucking us all in under blue blankets.

There are some really crazy cats in here.  Some of them are so crazy they volunteered to be moderators.  Watch out for those, they are not at all stable. I mean, you would have to be a little off your rocker to volunteer for that, but they can also be your best resource.  Unstable or not, they usually know where to find the answer your looking for and they’ve all been at it for a while.  Hmm, now that I think about it, that probably explains the twitching.  Sometimes they are in charge, just depends on what’s going on that day.

Every now and then some cat screams “I WANNA DO FANCY STUFF!” and before they know it they are surrounded by a bunch of other cats who like to do fancy stuff too.  Big mistake, because guess who’s running this joint that day? Fancy Cats, so you know we’re in trouble.

Maybe you’d like to do fancy stuff too but don’t really know where to start?  Well, you can always go back to that group of twitching cats. It might be a little nerve racking, but they’ll get you pointed in the right direction. Pro Tip: Bring bacon.  It speeds things up.

You could also go to that Fancy Cat from last month who did that thing in that place that you read about, and say, “I wanna do fancy stuff too”. Just be careful, you might find yourself with a herd of cats around you before you know it.

The point is, everyone is running this joint, and at the same time, no one is.  There is no Supreme Cat. No one was elected, appointed or anointed. It’s just every now and then some cat makes a common mistake and says, “I wanna do fancy stuff” and then all hell breaks loose.  Some cats never learn and keep making that mistake over and over. So they might seem like they are running the joint because all of the other cats are always looking at them. Between you and me I think they are just gluttons for punishment.  

So, if you got ideas for doing fancy stuff, think long and hard first. But if that’s what you want all you have to do is scream “I WANNA DO FANCY STUFF!” and now, all the other cats are looking at you.