Operation: Insert Op Here

A little while back, myself and a small group of fielders got to talking about what keys we had and how to make a field covering Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland with very little effort. Some keys were farmed, some keys were moved, but most were already in place. With the exception of BC, the lanes were beautiful — some couldn’t have been better to be honest! BC, well they are a special bunch and pulled off an almost impossible task in a very small amount of time.

Really, we never came up with a name for it because it honestly felt like, “another weekend, another field.” With Obsidian just around the corner, we could have — maybe even should have — called it off. Maybe we should have used it for an anomaly field? Maybe it is just a warm up field?

Was it perfect? No. But it did stand for 10 hours and 45 minutes. It was also 10 layers for just over 40,000,000mu.

The best thing about this field was it truly was the product of the entire PNW. It wasn’t just one city or group, and not just one operator. It was a true blend of each area and it was one hell of a good time!

I would like to thank everyone that was involved. You know who you are — the list would be a mile long.

Time to do it again…insert op here….