Foo’s throwing crowbar

Foo’s Throwing Crowbar Plugin enables throwing crowbars and stunsticks in Half-Life 2: Deathmatch using the “attack2″ mouse button.


  • Unlimited or limited number of crowbars and stunsticks per spawn
  • Explosions and exploding radius
  • Minimum seconds players have to wait before throwing another crowbar
  • Time for thrown crowbars and stunsticks to stay in map

Change history:

  • 0.24 – added cvar for specifying collision group of thrown crowbars.  Fix to trigger detection
  • 0.23 – no longer collides with triggers in maps
  • 0.22 – Added last word convar to determine whether players can throw a crow bar when the scoreboard is up/map end
  • 0.21 – Add option to disable crowbar announcement message and customize the unavailable sound