Weapon Zoom

Weapon Zoom (sm_weaponzoom) adds enhanced zoom levels to weapons in Half-Life 2: Deathmatch. It may also work in other games, but we haven’t tested others.

Features include:

  • Mouse Bindings for zoom in/out/reset on player’s mouse wheel
  • A range finder
  • Support for multiple overlays shown when zoomed in.  Four sniper scope overlays included.  Players can select an overlay or turn off completely
  • Configurable zoom levels.  Players set their preferred zoom levels.  Sysops can adjust the zoom level configurations.
  • In-game help and settings using !wz or !weaponzoom, and !settings


Our older (nearly 10 years old!), less featureful version is also available from AlliedModders!

Update history:

sm_weaponzoom version 2.0.4:

  • Updated help link URL – the help URL shown within-game is now (by default) served from foo-games directly.  Server operators may still self-host included help file as well, PHP required.
  • Updated Sourcepawn compatibility. Now using enum structs for internal data structures.
  • Fixed issue where sm_weaponzoom_cmdallzoom might not work – resulting in all weapons having zoom enabled
  • Minor performance optimization – OnGameFrame short circuits if cvar disabled for range finder, and is not compiled if range finding feature is disabled in code.

sm_weaponzoom version 2.0.3:

  • Added laser sight
  • Fixed an issue with NPCs

sm_weaponzoom version 2.0.2:

  • Add multi-overlay support and player tweakable overlay settings

sm_weaponzoom version 2.0.0 (1.99 testing series)

  • New release! Now officially sold and supported by foo-games.com
  • New player default levels cvar (sm_weaponzoom_defaultlevels)
  • Add !wz chat command shortcut. !weaponzoom still works
  • Enable Range Finding. New cvars are sm_weaponzoom_rangefinder and sm_weaponzoom_rangefinder_colour
  •  The plugin uses a new method for calculating zoom levels:
    •  sm_weaponzoom_zoommax, sm_weaponzoom_zoomstart, sm_weaponzoom_zoomincrement cvars
    •  added sm_weaponzoom_fovs : this is a space seperated list of FOV’s for each zoom level. Higher FOV = less zoom. Lower = higher zoom. Range is 90 – 1.
  • Removed the player setting “max zoom” and replaced with a list of zoom levels the player prefers to use
  • Miscellaneous housekeeping
  • Experimental range finder support (requires recompile)

sm_weaponzoom 1.6

  • Added player settings, max zoom, help file, etc.

sm_weaponzoom 1.3

  • Added console binds for using mouse wheel, etc.

sm_weaponzoom 1.2

  • Added ICU sound
  • other stuff

sm_weaponzoom 1.0

  • First version. Adds zoom on attack2