Foo’s Weapon Manager

Foo’s Weapon Management plugin for Sourcemod provides customizable Weapon Modes and weapon settings for Source based games.

Weapon Management will remove all weapons from the player on spawn, and give each weapon defined in the currently active weapon mode.  This allows for admins to force certain weapons to be used, deny pick ups for certain weapons and can default all players to use a specific weapon.

The current weapon mode can be set in-game by admins for the remainder of the map.  Weapon Modes can also be set through a cvar – handy for making certain maps use a specific game mode.

Up to 20 weapon modes can be configured.  Weapons in each mode can have a number of options set:

  • default : Makes this the default weapon for players.
  • p_underwater, a_underwater : Enables under water firing for the weapons

Weapon Manager supports the following cvars for determining how weapon modes are applied to players:

  • sm_weaponmanager_defaultmode : The default weapon mode players are assigned
  • sm_weaponmanager_autochangeweapon : Whether to force players to use the default weapon setup in the weapon mode, or to honour cl_defaultweapon
  • sm_weaponmanager_noearbleed : Whether to turn off explosion ringing